4Muddypaws Photography
4Muddypaws Photography
Dog Photography
Photo sessions are very informal and generally take between 1 - 2 hours, however this varies depending on the subjects and conditions. There will be time for everyone to get to know each other and for me to find about your dogs likes/dislikes prior to the session. Everything will be carried out at your dogs pace and preference and at no point will they be pushed into situations they are not comfortable with. Your dogs welfare and happiness is paramount.

It's recommended that you bring favourite toys or anything your dog enjoys playing with and some treats to your session. The photo sessions are for a maximum of four dogs, double sessions can be arranged for more if needed.

There will be no additional travel costs within a 20 mile radius of Launceston. If you are outside of this area we can either arrange a session within the area or if you have a location further afield in mind additional travel costs may be charged at 40p/mile. I am happy to work anywhere within the UK by special arrangement. Please contact me to discuss arrangements or alternative locations.

And... it's not just for dogs; a similar service can be tailored for all pets and animals.

Event Coverage and Commercial Photography
If you are hosting or organising an event and require a photographer, this service can be provided. Similarly if you require images for your website, publication or for any other purpose, this can also be arranged. Please contact me to discuss your requirements
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